The Advanced Dpf Cleaning Machine

Why ?

The Advanced DPF cleaning Machine is one of the most cost-efficient machines on the market today, it's not only about how simple it works. But with an affordable price of only £5500 plus VAT, its a must have add-on for any garage/ workshop without breaking the bank.

The Process

The process of the DPF cleaning usually takes around 1-hour start to finish and the DPF cleaning solution that is used is 100% environmentally friendly and with a cost of only £12.95 per solution for one DPF cleaned means you will be maximising profit return. The Cleaning process will return the DPF back to 98% new state removing both ASH & SOOT Unlike other machines on the market we ONLY use pressurised air after the soaking process this is due to our substantial research and our finding's that using air and fluid(water) or cleaning solution can cause structural damage to the DPF substrate. If this occurs the DPF will then need to be replaced, therefore this is the reason we DONT use this process.


When you purchase the machine you will become part of the Advanced DPF cleaning network, where you will have access to continuous support, training and admittance to our DPF cleaning forum, where we have a network of highly skilled and experienced garage owners with a wealth of in-depth Dpf diagnostics.